5 Games Like MovieStarPlanet To Play In 2019

5 Games Like MovieStarPlanet To Play In 2019

MovieStarPlanet, a fashion mobile game released all the way back in 2009, has surfaced to take the entire mobile gaming industry by storm, as this game has suddenly gained thousands of followers and players from all over the world.

A game where you basically pave your way to stardom with various films, scenes, outfits, and other items, MovieStarPlanet has exploded online, as young teens and adults around the world have taken a liking to it.

5 Games Like MovieStarPlanet

However, some people who have been playing the game for some time may be a bit bored of it, and may be searching for games which have similar context and objectives, but with different gameplay. For them, here are 5 Games Like MovieStarPlanet:

1. The Sims FreePlay

The Sims is undoubtedly one of the most well-known life simulator games out there, and over time has risen to a post where even most non gamers recognize the game. If you liked MovieStarPlanet’s building up your character to become an eventual celebrity, The Sims Freeplay would appeal to you, as you basically do the same thing but in greater detail.

2. OurWorld

OurWorld has been on the online gaming scene for some time, and has built up a quite respectable player base in that time, since it has thousands of players from around the world.

A game where you basically live a social life, OurWorld has lots of themes, gameplay mechanics, and items similar to MovieStarPlaanet. However, the real attraction lies in the friendly players who seem to be drawn to the game. OurWorld allows you to live out a rich social life, where you can have friends, best friends, and even relationships, just like in MovieStarPlanet.

3. Stardoll

Stardoll is a game that is quite a bit like MovieStarPlanet, and has lots of things in common with it, since both of them focus on the same thing: making your character a celebrity. Just like in MovieStarPlanet, you have to get different kinds of fashionable clothes, and different types of items, to make your character the eventual celebrity he or she is destined to be! Stardoll also features a wide range of clothes and items.

4. Superstar Life

Superstar Life, a game about the high life, focuses on how you get to the superstar life. A complicated game about the different aspects of stardom, you have to accessorize yourself to the max if you want to be famous and well known in this game! As you may have guessed, its quite a bit like MovieStarPlanet, since both of these games are centered around becoming a celebrity.

5. Second Life

Second Life is probably one of the most famous games on this list, as this MMORPG has become famous for being one of the perfect simulations of social life online. Social Life allows you to live a life where you have more friends than you can count, and even allows you to customize your character with different items and such!

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