MovieStarPlanet: Fame, Fortune, and Friends

MovieStarPlanet: Fame, Fortune, and Friends

MovieStarPlanet is a game developed in the year 2009, which is a Dutch oriented socializing game. As popularity continues, it is now operated in 14 more countries, and it is widely accepted also.

This game was developed keeping in mind the gamers from the age of 8-15, who have just started enjoying their childhood or have just entered their adolescence period. As the name is representing, this game is mainly oriented to express oneself and about their own feeling by making a short video, short film clips, designs, or art books. In this way, they hold a super chance to become famous and popular within regular uploads.

Fame gained by MovieStarPlanet:

This is a superb game with realistic graphics designing which can help you uploading superb quality of short video or films. Here the word “Fame” resemble the idea of leveling up in the game.

This continues if you continue uploading your content and regularly interact with people about your game and gameplay. Earn StarCoins as many as you can by uploading regular video, this will help you getting fame. Getting into the hottest look and the nicest chat room to increase your fame. Investing some money to become a VIP is yet another good idea to increase fame.

Fortune hid in Wheel of Fortune:

There is a great chance of gaining some extra fortune by spinning the wheel of fortune. You can get extra FurCoins, special hidden prizes or crystals. It may add some mystery boxes also in your game so that you can unlock them and get some extra prizes.

The place where the wheel of fortune will stop decides your fortune of gifts on the game. If you are a regular as well as a VIP player, you’ll get several attempts to spin the wheel as compared to a normal player. The chances left for spinning will be denoted at the center of the wheel.

Friends in MovieStarPlanet:

Since it is a socializing game, you need to have a good number of friends. And to have a good number of friends you need to interact with them regularly. Reaching out to people in a friendly way, the way which shouldn’t disturb them will help you increase the number of friends in your game.

Reaching people when they are at a low level in the game is also profitable; seeking those who are in an upper level always is not a good way to increase your friendslist. Entering into a chat room regularly is a good idea yet again, also dressing up well and talking with the help of emojis while chatting is a great idea.

This is an exciting movie star aspired online game which has a wide range of things to do. Getting fame, awards, rewards, fortune, and friends are its assets. Those who are new to this game can gain experience by searching about this game for some time, and you are good to go. Get famous among your chat room, increase your friend’s number and try to fortune with every spinning of the fortune wheel.

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