MovieStarPlanet Tips and Tricks: The Fastest Way to Stardom

MovieStarPlanet Tips and Tricks: The Fastest Way to Stardom

MovieStarPlanet: An Intro

Made by MovieStarPlanet ApS, this game has remained one of the most popular apps and web browser games for quite a bit of time. An artistic game that focuses on players expressing their own ideas of Film Art and talking to other players about it, it’s not hard to see why this simple game has remained one of the most popular since 2009.

MovieStarPlanet Tips and Tricks: The Best Out There

Like with all other popular games, MovieStarPLanet has its fair share of people searching for the best tips and tricks to not only gain a competitive edge over the others playing MovieStarPlanet but also to fast-forward their way to in-game stardom.

This article will suggest some of the very best things that can help you get forward in the game. Being Kind, Smart, and Supportive of others can itself get you a long way in the game, but these tips and tricks will make sure that you’ll become well known on MSP.

Read on to find out about some of the best MovieStarPlanet Tips:

Make Short Movies

This is one of the very best ways to quickly get a moderate amount of coins and fame. Short movies, which consist of no more than a total of five scenes, can be made both quickly and easily, meaning one can keep making them to build up a moderate amount of Star-coins and fame!

Visit Chatrooms

MovieStarPlanet is a game that preaches the value of friendship and being nice to others, and this is why Chatrooms are one of the best features of MovieStarPlanet, as loads of people gather in these places to be able to talk to their friends, and more often than to meet random people and make new friends. If you’re the social type of person and want to make friends in-game, the Chatrooms can help you make friends.

Go Shopping

If you have a lot of Star-coins saved up, going Shopping is a very good idea. New items, clothes, and animations can help you achieve new levels of fame. Something to know here would be that you should always try to buy items that go together, instead of buying pieces of different sets.

Pet animals for Star-coins!

Petting animals for Star-coins may seem like an overall slow method, but you can re-pet an animal every day, which when combined with the abundance of high leveled Boonies and Bonsters means that you can get a significant amount of Star coins everyday!

Be Nice to People!

Last but not least, you should always be nice to people in the game! This may sound more like a rule of etiquette than a gameplay tip, but being nice can help you get friends and best friends, and there are few games where friends are more important! Having a nice attitude, responding cheerfully and taking an interest in people can get you a long way in the game!

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